Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket Rigging Tutorial

How do I rig The Rocket sailboat? | Rigging The Rocket, by Fulcrum Speedworks

So you’ve just purchased your Rocket sailing dinghy and you’re eager to get out on the shimmering sea. “But wait a second, how do I rig a lateen sail?” you ask. Don’t worry, you’ve come the right place! The Rocket rigging tutorial above will break down each and every step of the process. Lucky for you, it’s not much of a process at all, it’s actually quite simple. Let's take a look! 

You will not be able to rig your sail without a couple of knots. There are only a few knots to know for The Rocket, so put away that notebook. Here are the knots you will need to know: 

Square Knot 
Bowline Knot 
Hitch / Clove Hitch
Rolling Hitch 
8 Knot 
Overhand on a Bight (Optional) (AKA: Trucker Hitch)

If you have any questions about rigging your Rocket reach out to us at contact.fulcrumspeedworks@gmail.com 

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