Warranty and Return Policy

Warranty coverage:
Fulcrum Speedworks warrants to the original purchaser of sailboats and sailboat parts manufactured by Fulcrum Speedworks to be free from any manufacturing defects in materials or craftsmanship during the 12-month period following the date of purchase. Fulcrum Speedworks will repair or replace any defective product used in normal conditions for its intended purpose during the Warranty Period. All decisions regarding warranty claims must be made by Fulcrum Speedworks. Warranty coverage is provided only to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

Damage resulting from the following reasons are not eligible for warranty coverage.
1. Improper use, abuse, or neglect
2. Accidents, natural disasters, or use in abnormal conditions.
3. Unauthorized modifications or repairs. Unauthorized modifications include any products not produced or supplied by Fulcrum Speedworks, or Fulcrum Speedwokrs products installed without written instruction from Fulcrum Speedworks. Contact Fulcrum Speedworks to locate an authorized repair technician in your area.
4. Normal wear and tear
5. Use of the product/service for purposes other than intended
6. Products purchased outside an authroized Fulcrum Speedworks dealership or the Fulcrum Speedworks factory.
7. Products that have been repaired by an unauthorized third party.
8. Products that have been used for commercial purposes.

Warranty Claims Process:
To make a warranty claim, the original purchaser must provide the following in the fulcrumspeedworks.com Contact Form.
- Proof of purchase. (Original invoice or order confirmation)
- Hull #
- Photo(s) and written description of product defect. Additional photos or video may be requested by Fulcrum Speedworks.
Following the approval of a warranty claim, the original purchaser will be instructed to deliver their product to the nearest authorized Fulcrum Speedworks repair technician or the Fulcrum Speedworks factory at their expense. Fulcrum Speedworks will supply the parts and labor needed to repair an approved warranty claim.
If Fulcrum Speedworks determines that the repair of a product covered under warranty is not possible, Fulcrum Speedworks will arrange for the product to be replaced. Warranty covered replacements may be subject to delays beyond the control of Fulcrum Speedworks.

Return or Exchange Policy:
The customer is granted a 14 day period to initiate a return or exchange of any product purchased directly from Fulcrum Speedworks. Returns or exchanges will only be granted to the original purchaser. Fulcrum Speedworks products purchased from an authorized dealership may be returned or exchanged at the discretion of the dealership. Products must not be used or altered to qualify for a return or exchange. Sails are eligible for return or exchange so long as packaging has not been removed. If the customer requests an exchange, store credit equal to the price of the original product, not including shipping, will be provided. Customers are responsible for the cost of return shipping for their return or exchange. Customers can choose to either: Accept Fulcrum Speedworks return label, return label cost will be deducted from the refund amount or store credit. OR Customer may create their own shipping label and receive a full refund or full store credit equal to the original purchase price (not including original shipping) when the product has been received by Fulcrum Speedworks.
To initiate a return or exchange provide, the following information on the fulcrumspeedworks.com Fulcrum Speedworks Contact Form
- Proof of purchase. (Original invoice or order confirmation)
- Photo of unaltered product.
- Reason for return or exchange.