The Specs

90lbs hull 

169in Length Overall

75in Cockpit (6 ft 3 in)

96 Sq Ft Sail Area

Vaccum-Infused cored Vinylester Fiberglass Composite

Direct Factory Shipping Is Available At Cost

Same hull, new power; give your Rocket afterburners with the Interceptor upgrade. The North Sails designed, fully battened, square-head lateen sail, increases your sail area up to 96 sq ft of high lift, low drag, all-out performance. The Rocket will take on light air days like never before, pulling every last joule of power out of a drifting breeze. Heavy air will be downright thrilling, maximizing speed as the twisting head seamlessly feathers surplus power back into the environment, keeping you stable, planted and fast.

The Interceptor is rigged with an adjustable outhaul, cunningham, boom-vang, and carbon fiber mainsheet traveler for comprehensive sail tuning. When we built The Rocket hull, we pulled out all the stops on what that hull can be. Ever wonder what doing that to the lateen rig produces? You’re about to find out. Whatever the Wind Gods throw your way, you’ll be ready. 

The carbon fiber wingfoil rudder gives you a quicker and smoother transition to planing in light air, and total authority over pitch in breeze. The adjustable downhaul allows for full control over the wingfoil’s Angle of Attack. Offshore boats have been augmenting their performance in the water with DSS foils and trim tabs for decades. Now’s the time to bring that authority and performance to your dinghy.

Purchase The Rocket: Interceptor or upgrade your very own Rocket with the Interceptor Upgrade Kit today. Fully forwards and backwards compatible with the turn of a few screws.

Interceptor Rigging Tutorial

Limited Rigging. Limetless Control.