Freight Shipping Policy

1. Order Confirmation and Lead Time Estimation:
Upon placing an order for a boat or mast/spars, customers will receive notification of lead times and estimated shipping rates within 3 business days. It is important to note that lead times and shipping rates are subject to change and may vary from the date of purchase to the actual date of shipping.

2. Pre-Shipping Alert:
Customers will be alerted by email or phone 1 week prior to the estimated boat shipping date with their confirmed shipping rate.

3. Payment Terms:
A shipping invoice will be dispatched from our team via Quickbooks Online. The invoice must be settled prior to freight shipment. Failure to remit payment may result in a delay of shipping. Should the invoice remain unpaid for a period of 1 week, quotes may be subject to alteration, and your shipping invoice may be altered to account for the difference in prices between the initial and revised quotes.

If a shipping rate cannot be agreed upon, customers maintain the right to cancel sale and receive full refund of payment.

4. Shipment Confirmation:
Upon successful payment of the shipping invoice, customers will promptly receive the Purchase Order number (PO#) and Bill of Lading as proof of shipment within 2 business days.

5. Inclusions:
Freight Shipping encompasses The Rocket, UFO, Interceptor/UFO mainsails, all masts/spars, and the Interceptor upgrade kit. All other items besides boats, masts/spars and select sails will be shipped with UPS at the rate displayed at checkout. 

6. Contact for Rate Verification, Lead Times, and Personal Shipping:
For inquiries regarding shipping rates and boat lead times, please direct correspondence to: 

Customers are welcome to arrange their own shipping or schedule for pick up directly from Fulcrum Speedworks. To opt for personal shipping or pick up, email:

7. International Shipping 

We do not collect VAT for International Purchases. International Customers may be required to pay their countries VAT to the appropriate governing body to receive their orders.