Spotlight on the Cockpit

Spotlight on the Cockpit

One of the most appealing features of the Rocket is its astonishing capacity, not often found in such compact vessels. The Rocket's cockpit is 6'3" or 75 inches, bringing about new possibilities for your sailing adventures. You can bring family, friends, your dog, camping gear—really, whatever you want! 

The Rocket's optimal racing weight ranges from 130 - 250 lbs. If you're just looking to cruise, you can load up to 400 lbs of passengers or cargo. Unlike similar board boats, the Rocket's high topsides prevent swamping with added weight. Combined with the stability of the boat's V-shaped hull, the potential of the Rocket's spacious cockpit is fully realized. 

For these reasons, the Rocket has quickly become a favorite of instructors, families, couples, or anyone looking to load up together for a fun day out on the water. 

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Got to find a Midwest dealer – let me know whose closest to Chicago area

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