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Rocket: Backcountry

Rocket: Backcountry

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169in Length Overall
75in Cockpit (6 ft 3 in)
81 Sq Ft Sail Area
Vaccum-Infused Vinylester Fiberglass Composite

Rocket: Backcountry $7400
- Detachable Oarlocks
- 2 Watertight Storage Compartments
- Carbon Fiber Oars

(Oarlocks + Storage Compartments Only: $5600)

Sail anywhere. Row anywhere. The Rocket: Backcountry opens up a whole new world of exploration powered purely by the wind and your own strength. Explore uncharted territory with the utmost confidence in your mobility; never let inconsistent wind stop you from getting on the water again.

The Backcountry's carbon fiber oars are based on those used by professional scullers, providing the user with maximum efficiency in each stroke. Detachable oarlocks leave your gunwales clear and tidy when you're sailing, but will lock into position when it's time to row. Watertight storage compartments found on either side of the cockpit will keep your essentials dry. 

The Backcountry transforms the beloved Rocket hull into the Swiss Army Knife of sailboats. Unsurprisingly, it has become a favorite amongst campers, fishermen, and explorers alike. See the world on your terms, in The Rocket: Backcountry. 

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