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The Rocket

The Rocket

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167in Length Overall
96in Cockpit (6 ft 6 in)
81 Sq Ft Sail Area
Vaccum-Infused Vinylester Fiberglass Composite

Rocket: $5200 
-Fully Outfitted Hull
-Complete Assembled Mast And Spar
-Sail And All Lines And Ropes
-Daggerboard And Rudder

Interceptor: $6950
-Mylar-Carbon Blend Sailplan (Clear Only)
-Carbon Fiber Wingfoil Rudder
-Carbon Fiber Traveler

Backcountry:  $7400
-Carbon Fiber Oars

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Launch into a new adventure on a strikingly innovative execution of a timeless favorite. 90 lbs of hull weight, built for strength, built for fun and built to go quick. Built to take friends along.

All for $5200

Take your daughter for her first sail ever. Share a sunset sail with your spouse. Use its agility and ample storage to backpack by sailboat for a weekend. Kick it off the beach and get some much-needed endorphins as you plane upwind and downwind in a fun medium breeze. Do all of these things on your new Rocket built by Fulcrum Speedworks in Bristol RI.

Wait, haven’t I seen one of these before?

In a way- but no. Not even close. The Rocket builds on the strong fundamental positives of the classic American “Board boat”, a boat type which first came into the world about 80 years ago. Hundreds of thousands of board boats have been made over the years by boatbuilders across the continent, from the Sailfish, to the Aqua-finn, to the Sunfish, the Phantom, the Scorpion and countless others, they have become an North American backyard icon on par with charcoal grills, above-ground swimming pools and pickup trucks. Board boats of all kinds have been loved for generations for a good reason. Their simplicity, ease of use, safety and affordability has stood essentially unmatched.

The Rocket is that classic form made modern by way of careful and sweeping improvements across the entire platform. An old favorite has jumped forward thanks to modern methods and materials. This is what happens when a company that makes hi-tech foiling UFOs gets to execute a classic concept.


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